T.S.Z.W.V. Avalon is the water polo and swim association of Tilburg. Founded in 2011, we’ve been trying to improve ever since. We’re an association for all students in Tilburg (with access to the Sports Center subscription). So it doesn’t matter if you study at Tilburg University, Avans (all cities) or Fontys.

We cater to all levels of swimmers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been swimming since you were little or if you’re just staring out. You can learn how to swim and/or play water polo with us if needed. If you want to perfect your technique and break personal best after personal best, we’ve also got you covered!

Based in Brabant, we’re all about gezelligheid too. It doesn’t translate to English, but in short: it’s all about having a good time together!

Questions? You can contact us at: info@tszwvavalon.com or check out our socials which can be found at the bottom of each page.