Acquisition Committee

The Acquisition Committee focuses on the acquisition of sponsors and merchandise. These sponsorships will be used to pay for activities and/or new materials. In return, Avalon will, for example, promote the organization on its social media accounts. Avalon merchandise already includes sweaters, shirts, bags, bathings suits and caps and can be expanded to other things like socks, bottles, slippers etc. In short, most things that include an Avalon logo.

Activity Committee

The Activity Committee is responsible for organizing all activities within Avalon. This includes monthly drinks at the Prins and a monthly visit to the Pannenkoekenbakker, or another outing after the Thursday training. Besides these, the Activity committee organizes larger activities such as a Christmas dinner, pub crawl or a beer bike ride. Everyone is always welcome to share new ideas with the committee to organize more great activities. 

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the work of the treasurer. The committee members will verify the financial data twice per year and add or correct data when necessary.

NSZK 2023-2024 Committee

The NSZK Committee is formed to organise the NSZK competition days and parties. The NSZK will take place in June/July (tbd) in Tilburg. Students from all over The Netherlands will be invited to take part in the competition. The committee is responsible for organizing the entire weekend, including parties, sleeping places, and the competition itself. The committee shall consist of at least four members.

Promo Committee

The Promo Committee is responsible for creating and upholding Avalon’s image. This means being in charge of our social media accounts, taking pictures, updating the website, and distributing promotional material such as flyers. The Promo Committee is in close contact with other committees so they can have something promoted if they so desire. If any other committees need anything designed in the Avalon style, they may request the Promo Committee to create something. 

Swim Committee

The Swim Committee is tasked with all things swimming-related that are not the normal training. This means inviting guest trainers, preparing special training and organizing the clinics. Together with the Swim Commissioner, the Swim Committee prepares our members for the NSZK competitions by making divisions and specializing training. This committee is always led by the Swim Commissioner, and shall consist of at least three members.

Water Polo Committee

The Water Polo Committee is tasked with everything related to water polo that is not the normal training, including inviting guest instructors and organizing special training. Besides this, the Water Polo Committee is also responsible for setting up cross training with other associations. Together with the Water Polo Commissioner, the Water Polo Committee prepares our members for the NSWK competitions by making divisions and specializing trainings.The water polo committee is always led by the Water polo Commissioner. This committee shall consist of at least three members.

MeWe (Members’ Weekend) Committee

Since the members’ weekend was such a success last year, we decided to make it a yearly tradition! The Members’ Weekend Committee will organize our yearly activity, the members’ weekend. To promote integration between our members, and to have an all-around great time, all Avalon members are invited to spend a weekend with us somewhere far away from Tilburg. The exact itinerary of this activity is to be decided by the committee. The Members’ Weekend Committee is to have at least three members.

Swim for Charity Committee

After the wonderful successes of Swim for Charity (SFC) 2022 & 2023, we will collaborate with the Red Cross Studentdesk again next year to organize the beloved swim marathon. This committee is formed together with the Red Cross, and is responsible for a clean planning and execution of the event. For the marathon itself, they are encouraged to invite volunteers to help with the night itself. This committee shall consist of at least three Avalon members. 

Bar Committee

The Bar Committee is responsible for manning the bar during our monthly drinks at the Prins and at other events that may be held. At every activity, there are at least two Bar Committee members present. Besides serving drinks, they work together with the activity committee to make sure all members are having fun. As compensation for their work, the bar Avalonians receive a set number of free drinks during their shift. Everyone with bar experience is welcome to join the Bar Committee.

Avalumni Committee

The Avalumni Committee is in charge of staying in contact with all our old Avalonians. After someone has stopped their studies, but still wants to stay close to Avalon, they may elect to be a part of this committee. The Avalumni committee organizes occasional activities and open trainings for Avalumni.

Triathlon Committee

The Triathlon Committee is formed by members of De Meet (cycling) and Parcival (Running) as well as Avalon to help the collaboration between the associations and promote triathlons. Since the committee is new, members of this committee themselves can decide what the focus of this committee should be on. This can include (but is not limited to) organising, creating a training schedule for triathlons such as the Tilburgse Triathlon and creating a community in which triathletes can meet each other.