Board 2023- 2024 | Avalucky

Left to right: Lucas Vlasblom, Manon Smidt, Annejette Wit, Tim van Tuijl

Annejette Wit – Chairwoman
Hey everyone!! My name is Annejette Wit, I’m 20 years old and I will be Avalon’s chairwoman in the upcoming season🤩 Two years ago, I moved to Tilburg all the way from Den Bosch (so far😓) to study Economics. Throughout my first year I joined Avalon as well, which slowly became like a second home to me🫶🏻 In the coming year, I’m hoping to accomplish the same homely feeling for everyone and I’m greatly looking forward to an amazing year 🙂

Manon Smidt – Secretary
Hi everyone! I’m Manon Smidt, 20 years old and I am currently in the second year of my bachelor Business Economics.📚 Two years ago I moved here from Dronten, which is a town in the middle of Flevoland 🙂 I have only been a member for 1 year now, but I’ve loved being a part of Avalon ever since the very first day I joined.🫶🏻 That’s why I am very happy to say that this year I will be the secretary of TSZWV Avalon!❤️🖤 I really look forward to seeing you all during trainings & activities!🤩

Tim van Tuijl – Treasurer & Swim Commissioner
Hey everyone! I’m Tim van Tuijl, 23 years old and this year I will be the Treasurer & Swim Commissioner of Avalon 🐋! Almost three years ago I moved from the beautiful village of Gameren to Tilburg for my studies. Currently I’m doing my Master in Supply Chain Management📚. From the moment I joined Avalon, I immediately felt part of the Avalon family and have never wanted to drop out since ❤️🖤. I already have many wonderful memories of Avalon and I’m really looking forward to make even more the upcoming year 🙂

Lucas Vlasblom – Water Polo Commissioner
Hey everyone! 🌊 Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Lucas Vlasblom, your freshly appointed Avalon Water Polo Commissioner 🤽‍♂ 🌟! I’m 21 years old and moved from the cozy town of Drunen to Tilburg 🏡, and I’ve just embarked on my Master’s journey in Economic Psychology 📚. I’m absolutely thrilled to dive headfirst into this new role 🤿💦. I hope many of you will join me in making waves and drinking beers at the trainings and activities this year! 🤽‍♂💥

NSZ Foundation
The NSZ Foundation is the umbrella organization for every Dutch student swimming and water polo association.

Federation Of Student Sports Tilburg (FOSST) is the umbrella organization for all student sports associations in Tilburg.