NSWK IV Enschede


On Saturday the 15th of June

Location: University Campus Pool – Campuslaan 100, Enschede
Time: 13.00 – 20.00

Tournament Schedule

There will be 2 teams consisting of Avalon, Hydrofiel & Tiburón members (we don’t have a catchy name yet): 1 beginner team and 1 advanced team. You will play matches for the team you signed up for. If you signed up for both, it is expected you hold back when you play in the beginner poule and give the beginners the opportunity to be in possesion more and score goals.

Beginners: Hilde, Tim, Athena, Filip, Arnas & AJ (+ 8 Tiburón & Hydrofiel members)

Advanced: Nathan, Julia (+ 4 Hydrofiel members)

Both: Jeroen, Max, Martijn, Twan
Keep in mind how many beginners we already have!

Marieke (from Hydrofiel) will be team captain for the beginners, AJ will be the team captain for the advanced team!

Matches will be 2×5 minutes, the match schedule will follow later. You are more than welcome to play as many matches as you want, but you’re expected to at least be present at the matches of the team you’re divided in. (And hold back if you’re advanced and play with the beginners).

You can find the rules here. They are not fully updated yet to the new rules, the most important change is “the goal area”. If you have a question about this, ask any competition playing player (Max/Julia). We do not play with 5 meters, instead an exclusion (U20) willl follow.

Referees are also there for fun, so if you think they make wrong decisions discuss this with them after the match instead of during the match 🙂

We can bring our own food/drinks/beer, but bring no glass to the pool! The kiosk at the pool is open as well (pin only, with a coin system).


On Saturday the 15th of June

Everyone will have fries and a snack! These are the snacks everyone asked for:

Frikandel: Twan, Jeroen, Max, Manon
Kroket: Martijn, Hilde, Athénaïs
Kipcorn: Charlotte, Filip, Arnas
Kaassoufflé: Nathan, Tim, Julia
Vega kroket: Annejette

Preparty & Sleeping spots

On Saturday the 15th of June

Party location: De Vestingbar – Bastille, De Hems 10, Enschede
Time: 20.00
Theme: Regions of the Netherlands – URK
Sleeping spots: we will be camping on the University Camping Field (Campuslaan 69211, Enschede), make sure to bring a tent!
Payment: at De Vestingbar, the coins from the pool won’t work anymore

Travel to and from Tilburg

We can travel together to Enschedeand back to Tilburg. We will communicate about this in the group chat. There will be a group leaving for Enschede on Saturday morning!

If you have any other questions/comments, don’t hesitate to let me (Annejette) know!