We have multiple committees at Avalon that you can join! By doing so you can personally grow, get closer with other members, acquire new skills and all while helping the association, which we would really appreciate.  If you’d like to join one (or more) committees and become a more active member within the association, you can send an email to

Acquisition Committee

The acquisition committee focuses on the acquisition of sponsors, to pay for activities and/or new materials.

Activity Committee

The activity committee organizes one activity each month and promotes partaking in activities by other associations like FOSST. This includes but is not limited to; the new year’s dinner, Sinterklaas training and so on. Everyone is always welcomed to share new ideas with the committee for great activities.

Audit Committee

The audit committee is responsible for overseeing the finances of the association. The Audit Committee will verify the financial data twice per year and add or correct data where necessary.

NSZK 2020-2021 Committee

In February 2021 Avalon is hosting a swimming competition for all its members and the members of other student swimming associations. As a member of this committee you are responsible for organizing the competition and making sure everything runs smoothly on match day. (This committee was already set up last year, however due to the delay of the competition, other members are welcome to join)

Promo Committee

The promo committee focuses on all the promotional activities. This is mostly surrounding the TOP and Purple week for the 2021-2022 academic year. They are tasked to represent and promote Avalon in different ways. This includes but is not limited to spreading flyers and stickers and also preparing everything.

Swimming Committee

The swimming committee is tasked with everything related to swimming, including but not limited to practices and tournaments. The swimming committee is led by the swimming commissioner.

Water polo Committee

The water polo committee is tasked with everything related to water polo, including but not limited to practices and tournaments. The water polo committee is led by the water polo commissioner

Web & Media Committee

The web & media committee is responsible for the online presence of the association through social media, as well as our website. They are also tasked with taking photos and videos during tournaments and activities, and with producing promotion materials for the association.